Ayushmann on making 'Vicky Donor 2'

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Ayushmann Khurrana wants to marque   'Vicky Donor 2' successful  adjacent  10 years and the crushed   volition  permission  you successful  splits!

Ayushmann Khurrana precocious revealed wherefore helium wants to marque the sequel of his debut film, ‘Vicky Donor’ aft a decennary and it is definite to ace you up.
Talking astir whether the movie should person a 2nd instalment, Ayushmann said that helium wants the movie to beryllium made aft 10 years. According to him, by that time, each the kids should beryllium grown up and past Vicky tin look for them successful the 2nd part.

The histrion besides recalled donating sperm successful existent beingness during his stint successful the world show, ‘Roadies 2’, successful Allahabad. He was amazed that a movie was being made connected the topic, and said that helium did not person immoderate apprehensions astir doing it arsenic helium didn’t person immoderate portion donating sperm successful existent life. Even Shoojit Sircar was amazed that helium had nary questions astir sperm donation aft speechmaking the script, Ayushmann told AajTak.

When asked if helium has immoderate plans of venturing into Hollywood, Ayushmann stated that Indians are ever stereotyped arsenic sardars similar southbound Indians are stereotyped successful the Hindi movie industry. According to him, if the practice is correct, similar successful Slumdog Millionaire’, helium would decidedly privation to instrumentality up the role.

On the enactment front, Ayushmann was past seen successful ‘An Action Hero’ co-starring Jaideep Ahlawat.

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