Brazil make shock WC exit: How the players reacted

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had the introduction to

FIFA World Cup

semifinals successful show erstwhile Croatia substitute Bruno Petkovic equalized to instrumentality the crippled to extra-time, which remained goal-less to permission it to the punishment shootout to determine the victor of the archetypal quarterfinal connected Friday.
But the Brazilian superstars had their caput successful hands astatine the extremity of penalties, with Croatia goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic denying Rodrigo connected the archetypal punishment and past saw Marquinhos hitting the post, which sealed the destiny of the five-time champions.
Croatia won, and the 2018 runners-up were done to the last-four signifier successful Qatar.

Here's what manager


, who has stepped down from the post, Brazil skipper

Thiago Silva



and Neymar said aft the match:
Thiago Silva
"It's difficult. You person to assistance your head. I'm precise arrogant of the boys and what we've done, but unfortunately, it's portion of football. When we suffer thing important that we had arsenic a goal, it hurts a lot. But present it's clip to effort to assistance my caput and transportation on. There's nary different alternative. I'm a feline that each clip I fall, I get up."
"I don't cognize what volition hap with the Brazil squad going guardant but present we tin lone lament what has happened...I americium not closing immoderate doors connected the nationalist squad but I americium besides not guaranteeing 100 percent that I volition return."

"We are sad, we are definite that everyone successful the radical gave their best. We were upset by the mode it happened. It was successful our hands, and it slipped away. Now it's clip to support calm and beingness indispensable spell on."
Coach Tite (stepped down aft the defeat)
"The 5th (penalty) is the decisive one. There is much pressure, and the players who are amended prepared should instrumentality this one...I bash not hold we were disorganized. We enactment precocious unit astatine the beforehand and tried to clasp the crippled with Pedro...I respect the result. These things hap sometimes successful football...The players cognize however arrogant I americium of their performance. Time volition archer what my bequest is."

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