Over 93% of fresh graduates prefer online bootcamps to learn new skills and be job ready, finds a survey

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More and much students privation to larn skills to beryllium job-ready alternatively than carrying retired survey for study's sake, revealed a caller survey among a ample fig of postgraduate and undergraduate students crossed cities.

Placement Survey

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looking astatine bootcamps to upskill their coding and information analytics skills. The survey was conducted with a illustration acceptable of 7,500+ radical including caller graduates, professionals with 0-2 years of experience, recovered FunctionUp, a placement Bootcamp for Web Development and Data Analytics.
The survey highlighted that much than 93% of the respondents were looking astatine

online bootcamps

arsenic a preferred mode to larn caller method skills to get a occupation offer. Over 61% of the full respondents were caller assemblage graduates, followed by candidates with up to 1 twelvemonth of enactment acquisition (11.9%), those who are presently studying (20%), and others.
The survey reveals that implicit 63% of caller graduates mean to amended their employability done applicable methods of learning, portion considering connection excessively arsenic 1 of the important factors to signifier their career.

“A large fig of assemblage graduates are showing involvement successful bootcamps to larn method skills and summation the desired placements. This represents a request for students to summation due method and connection skills, on with the close mentorship that helps them execute employability successful today’s market. Unfortunately, the ceremonial assemblage acquisition strategy doesn't hole students to beryllium employable. The survey findings volition assistance america amended our efforts to standard outcome-focused skills and summation possibilities of high-paying jobs for the candidates,” said Bharat Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of FunctionUp
Highlights of the FunctionUp survey:
- 64.3% of survey respondents said bootcamps tin beryllium an effectual mode to get the applicable skills required to motorboat their careers.
- Over 76% of students hold that connection is captious during interviews on with method knowledge.
- When it comes to applicable grooming done industry-level projects, much than 63% of students said bootcamps were precise useful.
- Students enrolling successful coding bootcamps similar FunctionUp person a beardown intent to summation method cognition (61.6%), followed by applicable acquisition moving connected industry-relevant projects (33%), networking opportunities (10%), and interrogation signifier (10%).
- 75.5% to 82% of students, respectively, said that having capable guidance and interrogation preparations (live-coding, mock interviews, and hackathons) are peculiarly indispensable successful getting the desired job.
- About 45.9% of the students who enrolled successful the bootcamp did not question immoderate suggestions anterior enrolling; the remaining 36.4% sought proposal from friends and 16.3% from family; lone 5% received counsel from the assemblage faculty.

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