Realme UI 4.0 announced: New features, changes and more

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has precocious launched 2 caller Realme 10 Pro bid smartphones for the Indian market. Along with the caller handsets, the Chinese telephone shaper has besides unveiled the caller



Realme UI

4.0 customized ROM. The latest idiosyncratic interface is optimised by the institution for its devices which claims to connection respective caller improvements and a creaseless experience. Realme has besides updated its blog station to denote the caller strategy UI and has elaborate each the features that the caller Android tegument has to offer.
The institution has highlighted 4 main sectors that person been updated with caller features which are-- Real Design, Real Fun, Real Seamless and Real Safe. Some of these improvements see redesigned icons and a card-styled layout for a smoother experience. Realme has besides claimed that the caller UI is optimised to connection a 10% show and a 5% artillery beingness boost during gaming sessions.

Realme UI 4.0: New features

The recently launched Realme 10 Pro bid devices volition tally the Android 13-based Realme UI 4.0 out-of-the-box. Realme has confirmed that the caller tegument offers vibrant colours for an improved acquisition and includes 30 caller icons. To trim accusation overload, the institution has besides changed the layout by placing substance and controls together.
Realme’s caller customized ROM besides supports caller facial features for the Omoji virtual avatars. Users tin customise their Omoji avatars with antithetic facial shapes, tegument tones, constitution styles, hairstyles and accessories.
Realme UI 4.0 is besides equipped with a Smart Always-On Display (AOD) diagnostic that volition assistance users to entree aggregate apps without needing to unlock the phone. Moreover, the caller tegument has an Insight AOD mode that volition way locks and unlocks.
Apart from this, the caller Realme UI tin tally up to 18 apps astatine a clip and includes the

Quantum Animation Engine

4.0 which claims to marque gestures much responsive. This caller exertion tin adjacent foretell gestures that a idiosyncratic mightiness privation to make.
Realme UI 4.0 besides supports ample folders and location surface widgets and its Multi-screen Connect diagnostic volition let users to interact with different Realme phones, Realme tablets, and compatible PCs.
The institution has added a fewer caller information features to the latest Android skin. With Realme UI 4.0, users don’t person to manually edit screenshots earlier sharing them. The Auto Pixelate diagnostic volition automatically blur idiosyncratic accusation successful screenshots.
Also, the

Private Safe

diagnostic present uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to support idiosyncratic information similar -- photos, videos, documents, and more.

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