Saira Banu on Dilip Kumar film festival

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 "Dilip Kumar movie  festival is large  but I would've been happier to spot    'Ganga Jumna', Mughal-E-Azam and 'Andaz' included"- Exclusive

It's each happening astatine the PVR concatenation of cinemas successful India and each 1 of america should beryllium arrogant of this. It is Dilip Kumar's day and helium would person been 100 contiguous if helium had been alive. Dilip Kumar's 4 films- 'Aan', 'Ram Aur Shyam', 'Devdas' and 'Shakti'- are going to beryllium screened contiguous and tomorrow. Talking exclusively to ETimes, Dilip Kumar's woman Saira Banu says, "Everyone loved him and helium ever gave beauteous films to his fans; deliberation of it, his assemblage of enactment is unparalleled."

Talking astir the Dilip Kumar movie festival, Saira Banu said that she was precise blessed that specified an juncture was happening. "We request to recognize the value of restoring our aged films. Thanks to Shivin Dungarpur, the man who made this hap successful representation of my husband."

Saira Banu further said that the festival could person been longer. "I would person been happier if they were besides showing 'Ganga Jumna', 'Mughal-E-Azam' and 'Andaz'. I person a peculiar fondness for 'Ganga Jumna'."

"There should beryllium a movie festival for different greats too- similar Raj Kapoor, Dharmendra and others. I americium pained that we person mislaid a batch of films from the aged times and the demolition of the RK Studio lone added to the sadness," Saira Banu added.

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